Foggy Cloud Architect

For the greater community, I help companies realise the world of adaptivity by making ubiquitous computing as natural as breathing. Empowering organizations to optimize Speed, Scale & Margin via foggy cloud structures and innovation with Zero Impact on production systems.

  • [ Speed ] 1 Week @ NTT Data (Japan) eliminated 4 months of overtime commitment per year
  • [ Scale ] 3 months @ Maestro Interactive (USA) 10x improvement in simultaneous interactive live video streams to >1million streams
  • [ Margin ] 6 Months @ Vodafone Hutchinson (Australia) direct saving of $1.6 million over 3 years.
Combining the strategic approaches above with a plethora of IT knowledge, I am regularly invited to speak at events such as: CeBit (Australia), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Brisbane, HackerX (Brisbane), Venture Summit (USA), Chief Data & Analytics Officer (Melbourne), TechCrunch (USA) & various Engineering Meetups Ranked at TechCrunch USA 2018 as one of the World’s Top 10 in Containerization for authoring of Cyvive (Operational & Governance Platform for Kubernetes) and implementing a Configuration & Continuous Delivery Meta Language (Foggy Ubiquity’s Language) via collaboration with 3 Universities & 35 Industry Publications as a way to address the looming complexity challenge of DevSecOps. Available for remote-only contracting, consulting, speaking engagements such as keynotes, panel discussions, roundtables and workshop sessions.
4350, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
+61 407 137 451

Projects / Clients

Advisory at ANZ Bank

Providers: GCP Situation: ANZ Bank attempting to construct a next generation bank suitable for Digital and Fiat Currency shedding legacy (mainframe) approaches in favour of a globally distributed cloud first approach. There were significant challenges with disaster recovery, scaling, interaction with existing systems, security, data sovereignty, and code signing. Ideally producing a PaaS style platform for internal development to consume Outcome: Steering towards InfoSec principles & types for rapid development; Identification of all faults/risks with disaster recovery technology including failure scenarios; Introduction of archtype patterns for stable global distributed networking; Upgrade of Istio <–> Kernel networking security


    Cloud Computing at NBN Co

    Providers: Bare Metal, AWS Situation: NBNCo had multiple Kubernetes clusters on different versions deployed and managed by different teams. NBNCo desired to implement a centralized Kubernetes provisioning system for hundreds of small clusters while respecting operational requirements and optimizing billing. Outcome: Via technology pilot and selective disruption of DC style AWS implementation gained executive support to prototype in NBNCo in-house labratory a hybrid cloud implementation suitable for Active Network workloads


    • [ Dev ]: Architecture of Bare Metal extention to SAP's Kubernetes Gardener via Kubernetes Cluster API
    • [ Dev ]: Introduce Identical / Reproducable Development Environments
    • [ Sec ]: Kubernetes DNS attack protection
    • [ Ops ]: Guide transition from CoreOS to Flatcar Linux
    • [ Ops ]: Automatic nightly suspension & resume of non-production Kubernetes clusters
    • [ Ops ]: Introduce Standardized Base Container at Technology Review Forum & NBNCo internal MeetUp
    • [ Ops ]: Multi-Cluster Mesh
    • [ Ops ]: Unlock NVMe storage full performance when available to Kubernetes Clusters

    Advisory at FriendFinder Networks

    Providers: Bare Metal Situation: Friend Finder Networks desired to convert their core multi-million line monolithic Perl codebase into microservices using the stranglehold approach & enable additional data center provider redundancy Outcome: Through close collaboration with VP Engineering Michael Yofin, meetings with CLevel and a focused Kubernetes education plan all goals were achieved


      Advisory at Maestro Interactive

      Providers: GCP, Azure Situation: As a user interactive live stream provider in various high profile industries such as gaming, music concerts, & grammys there is very little margin for error in the viewers experience. Maestro needed to push beyond their concurrency limits while keeping billing reasonable Outcome: 10x growth in live stream concurrency without using a service mesh on Kubernetes. Reduction of costs by 10x while enabling per event cost estimations over daily rates


      • [ Ops ]: First in world to discover & work-around KubeDNS scaling issues at volume with GCP. Help guide/information on GKE about KubeDNS based on discovery & work-around

      Advisory at DoIt International

      Providers: GCP, AWS, Azure Situation: DoIt as the largest cloud reseller that also provides free support, fault-finding through to P1 & architecture has tricky or difficult customer requests


        Cloud Computing at Cyvive

        Providers: Bare Metal, AWS, GCP, Alibaba, Azure Situation: Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) in advanced implementations (enterprise) assumes companies have well established CI approaches following GitOps while requiring IaaC, CD, MicroService Governance and Kubernetes to operate as a Data Center replacement. Outcome: Cyvive allows MicroService Governance & CD to be implemented in any Kubernetes installation, or upgrade and optimize Cloud Providers to enable Kubernetes as a Data Center replacement.


        • [ Dev ]: MicroService Dependency Management any part of organization dependency tree can be extracted and developed against in development (private or shared) Namespace
        • [ Sec ]: Just Enough Linux (JeOS) approach to Host Operating System via LinuxKit
        • [ Sec ]: Isolation between Kubernetes & System workloads
        • [ Sec ]: TTY & SSH removed from Nodes as unnecessary in IaaC
        • [ Sec ]: KataContainers for VM Isolation capabilities between Containers
        • [ Sec ]: Zero Trust Secrets
        • [ Sec ]: Multi-Cluster & Namespace networking isolation
        • [ Sec ]: Transparent Node <-> Node encryption developers are safe to use HTTP for MicroServices
        • [ Sec ]: Policy Enforcement without Mesh Network. fallback to (legacy) ISTIO supported
        • [ Ops ]: Shadow Traffic Replication for Production Like Environments. i.e. production -> performance. Enables defect detection prior to true production release
        • [ Ops ]: On-Demand AZ or Instance Type upgrade options. Companies choose when to upgrade their Cloud
        • [ Ops ]: Automatic healing and resizing of Control Plane
        • [ Ops ]: ETCD Persistence & Recovery
        • [ Ops ]: Infrastructure On Demand for all Environments (Namespaces) at per hour billing resolution
        • [ Ops ]: Multiple Kubernetes Clusters able to be managed by one person per Cloud Provider
        • [ Ops ]: MicroServices able to move between Geographically Disperse Datacenters seamlessly

        Cloud Computing at Private Startup

        Providers: GCP Situation: Rapidly growing startup required an IaaC environment to deploy their entire development stack including CI & CD against different GCP Projects. Outcome: IaaC deployed against any GCP project via Terraform from a single ‘’ in the project’s multi-repo


        • [ Dev ]: CI via Google Cloud Builder
        • [ Sec ]: VPC with Private Cluster & Private Cloud SQL
        • [ Sec ]: IaaC provisioning of Service Accounts & Keys
        • [ Sec ]: Restricted Traffic Ingress
        • [ Sec ]: Google Cloud KMS for Secrets
        • [ Sec ]: Google Cloud SQL Proxy with dedicated Service Account for Cluster -> DB Access
        • [ Ops ]: Lightweight (compared to Cyvive) CD for Namespace management
        • [ Ops ]: CDN with selective caching for Client facing MicroServices
        • [ Ops ]: Persistence Data through IaaC Teardown and Redeploy of Database

        Foggy Governance, MicroService Configuration Language at Fathomable

        Situation: MicroService Dependency, Configuration & Secrets Management was non-existent. A few isolated approaches existed, but nothing with permanence. Outcome: Partnering with 3 Universities and 35 Industry Publications, a Universal MicroService Language using Machine Learning was created & Open Sourced. Documentation merged as ‘Governance’ in Cyvive.


          Cloud Computing at Virgin Australia

          Providers: VMWare, AWS, Windows Containers Situation: Virtual Machine based Java tech stack via Oracle Service Bus on N-Tier & Domain Driven Architecture. Outcome: Foundation for Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Architecture, with appropriate development practices


          • [ Dev ]: Agreement for NodeJS to be the primary language choice for Cloud Architected Services.
          • [ Dev ]: Cloud Agnostic starter kit enabling 100% code coverage & 250% increase in development speed
          • [ Dev ]: Zero Impact deployments via MicroService optimized internal and external service backward compatibility
          • [ Sec ]: Uplift to Container aware security technology
          • [ Sec ]: PII & PCI compliance against Practices
          • [ Sec ]: Secure Containers via Just Enough Operating System (JeOS) for 'Development' & 'Production' environments
          • [ Ops ]: Centralized Logging via 'Common Log Format'
          • [ Ops ]: Autonomic environments for Developers Continous Integration & Production Like via NIX
          • [ Ops ]: Kubernetes as Orchestrator
          • [ Ops ]: Reduction in Cluster operating costs by 20% & Container Image download time by 90% via graph-based popularity contest for NIX container layers

          Cloud Computing at Max Gaming (Tatts Group)

          Providers: VMWare, AWS, GCP Situation: Developing MicroServices against CNCF architecture without business buy-in & while encountering difficulty in approving the use of Kubernetes due to persistent storage requirements. Outcome: All business stakeholders unanimously agreed on using Kubernetes for MicroServices & Storage.


          • [ Dev ]: Disposable Developer Environments on-demand with sample data & MicroService dependency management via Cyvive
          • [ Sec ]: Uplift to Container aware security technology
          • [ Sec ]: Education sessions deep diving into Kubernetes & Containerization vulnerabilities and how to secure
          • [ Sec ]: HashiCorp Vault replaced with GitOps friendly secret encryption for public repos via Provider Key Management System
          • [ Ops ]: Hybrid Multi-Cloud implementation of Kubernetes spanning multiple on-premises data centres and AWS regions. As disaster recovery and business continuity were a critical concern of Max Gaming it was necessary to prove applications are capable of continued operation despite cloud provider or region failure
          • [ Ops ]: In-Cluster data redundancy with S3 incremental synchronization
          • [ Ops ]: IaaC via Terraform controlled Provision for AWS & GCP with all security hardening networking and network optimizations enabled
          • [ Ops ]: Istio replacement with Cilium a more secure IPv6 compatible Hybrid Cloud alternative

          Cloud Computing at Flight Centre

          Providers: AWS, GCP Situation: First Enterprise in Brisbane to implement CNCF & Kubernetes. Lacked any ability to install, integrate or operate Kubernetes. Outcome: AZ aware Enterprise Grade Kubernetes implementation with Disaster Recovery & suitable CI/CD pipelines


          • [ Dev ]: 'Stateful' services available in-cluster 12 months ahead of official support Kubernetes support.
          • [ Dev ]: Disposable Developer Environments on-demand with sample data & MicroService dependency management via Cyvive
          • [ Sec ]: Uplift to Container aware security technology
          • [ Sec ]: CoreOS approved as a suitable container host operating system.
          • [ Sec ]: GitOps friendly secret encryption for public repos via Provider Key Management System
          • [ Sec ]: ISM, PCI & PII Compliance directed design, enabling reduction in external audit frequency
          • [ Ops ]: Cluster installed and all applications started within 60 minutes enabling for the first time a fixed cost for disaster recovery
          • [ Ops ]: IaaC via Terraform controlled Provision for AWS & GCP with all security hardening networking and network optimizations enabled
          • [ Ops ]: Pioneered concept 'production' and 'everything else' via namespace isolation. Reducing infrastructure operating costs by 50% without sacrificing security or compliance

          Cloud Computing at Cook Medical (Australia)

          Providers: Azure, GCP, AWS, Bare Metal Situation: Globally distributed manufacturing facilities operating on different cloud providers needed to be transparently stitched together ensuring MicroService reallocation and Service Discovery. Outcome: HashiCorp’s Consul integrated with technology from eBay ensured a global datacenter-aware service discovery approach with dynamic bridging tunnels automatically established between Kubernetes clusters


            Fog <-> Cloud Computing at Vodafone Hutchinson & ING Australia, National Australia Bank

            Providers: Bare Metal, AWS Situation: Security concerns for pre-release mobiles, OS & application upgrade compatibility with existing devices. Outcome: Physical devices were placed in remote geographically disperse data-centres. Achieved in partnership with Perfecto Mobile


            • [ Dev ]: Operating System and Application level automation without rooting devices
            • [ Dev ]: CI/CD integration with existing toolsets
            • [ Sec ]: Co-located data-centers integrated with Telecommunication Equipment & bank level security
            • [ Sec ]: VPN Capabilities as required on Mobile Devices
            • [ Sec ]: On-demand tunnels between Cloud Providers & Device Data Center

            Cloud Computing at NTT Data (Japan), CIMB (Malaysia)

            Providers: Bare Metal Situation: Every Quarter significant application updates were released, following a Waterfall and large compatibility footprint required extreme hour commitments from staff for 1 month out of every quarter. Outcome: Cloud Computing practices reduced time commitment to office hours with all regular quarterly deliverables achieved in 2-week time-frames.


              Cloud Computing at Containerized WordPress Hosting

              Providers: Bare Metal, AWS Situation: WordPress powered Micro-PaaS focused on Start-Up business. Outcome: Cheapest to run, most secure, reliable and scalable WordPress hosting technology of the time. This technology was retired when Kubernetes 1.6 was released and Fathomable created in its stead


              • [ Dev ]: Re-architected WordPress from its Legacy Status to 12 Factor Compliant enabling native container adoption and the core performance necessary to run at this platforms scale
              • [ Dev ]: Automated detection of real users vs spam-bots for registration. Increasing the business value of clients websites and reducing overhead costs of contacting many false users
              • [ Sec ]: Zero day exploits are frequent and of strong concern in WordPress by having a fully automatic daily production release testing and deployment system for all clients websites client brand reputation was maintained
              • [ Sec ]: No Hacked Websites including actively attacked client websites
              • [ Ops ]: Early adopter of Containerization entire infrastructure from CI to CD used Containers
              • [ Ops ]: Individual websites on the cluster able to handle 1 Billion Hits per Month without caching the most complex running up to 160000 lines of PHP code on 512Mb servers.

              Fog Computing at Citipower & Powercor

              Situation: Smart Power Meters were to be rolled out by all Electricity Providers within the State of Victoria. Mesh Networking technology was unproven due to IoT being an emerging technology and company due to government mandate had zero tolerance of failure for this $300 million project. Outcome: Spent 6 weeks with networking vendor (SilverSpring Networks) to accelerate stability & lifespan of Mesh Networking technology. All Government deadlines were achieved on-time while present on the project



                Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical, Electrical & Information Technology (Infomechatronics) from Queensland University of Technology

                Public Speaking in Advanced Communicator Gold, Competent Leader from Toastmasters International

                Scholar in Advanced Placement from Princeton University


                Sale of Sotekton (ex Taylored Technology) from Manoja Tesch

                The Foggy Cloud (Sole Founder) from MeetUp

                Australia’s first Ubiquitous Computing MeetUp, in partnership with Michael Page (Brisbane)

                World top 10 in Containerization from TechCrunch Disrupt - USA

                As the sole author of’s beta release. An infusing of security, immutability and deep optimization of Kubernetes across bare metal and all major cloud providers. Resulted in this recognition.

                Seen on Channel 10, 11 and One from Network Ten Intensify

                Co-sponsored by Network 10 after presenting Taylored Technology’s Micro-PaaS technology

                Rebranding of Ahasai Designs to Taylored Technology (Sole Founder) from Industry / Australian Security & Investment Commission

                Reinvention of Ahasai Designs; expanding scope of Research & Development to include Cloud & Mist Computing

                Corporate Sponsor FreePlay 2011 from FreePlay

                Coinciding with Ahasai Designs commercial release of Gangster Snap

                Ahasai Designs (Sole Founder) from Industry / Australian Security & Investment Commission

                Research & Development initially focused on Video Gaming and Artificial Intelligence

                Innovation Cup - Runner Up from CitiPower Powercor

                Introduction of long-service LED lighting for street & site safety

                Birth of an Artificial Intelligence from FOREX

                Successful completion of a adaptive Artificial Intelligence capable of understanding market retracements increasing profit by ten percent on all major FOREX

                International Yacht Racing Trophy from Ras Al Khaimah International Airport

                International yacht race featured in the local state newspaper


                Chief Research Officer at Sotekton

                Not-For-Profit Research & Development focused on (1) accelerating ubiquitous computing in both Public and Private Providers while enabling Cloud Computing approaches in Bare Metal and Fog Computing environments. (2) AgriTech to simplify the farming experience. (3) Artificial Intelligence. (4) Interfaces

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