Glossary of terms*

Glossary of terms*
  • Australian Legal Framework: Body of legislation incorporating: Ratified International Treaties; Constitution of the Commonwealth; Grandfathered legislation from the United Kingdom; & Royal Law
  • Common law: a collection of court decisions developed over hundreds of years by Australian superior courts, English courts and the courts of other countries that have similar legal systems to those of Australia and England entity: any corporation (including any non-profit corporation), general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, joint venture, estate, trust, company (including any company limited by shares, limited liability company or joint-stock company), firm, society or another enterprise, association, organisation or entity.
  • fraud: Fraud offences in Queensland are judged as anything deceptive, dishonest, corrupt or unethical.
  • ICCPR: International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Ratified August 13 1980, In Force from January 28 1993
  • KJV: Her Majesty’s authorised 1611 King James Version Bible
  • law: (10 commandments) Exodus 20:2-17, Deuteronomy 5:6-21, (11th commandment) Deuteronomy 4:2, Deuteronomy 12:32
  • legal entity: the union of the acting entity and all other entities that control are controlled by or are under common control with that entity. For the purposes of this definition, “control” means (i) the power, direct or indirect, to cause the direction or management of such entity, whether by contract or otherwise, or (ii) ownership of fifty per cent (50%) or more of the outstanding shares, or (iii) beneficial ownership of such entity.
  • man: Genesis 1:27, 2:27 created in Gods image with a soul
  • minister: Ezra 7:23-26 as required for the understanding of Romans 13
  • moral law: see ‘Law.’
  • OPCA: Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument
  • Queensland Court Oath/Affirmation:
  • Royal Law: see ‘Law.’
  • rule of law: Gods Law according to the KJV. Queen Elizabeth Coronation Oath 1953: Queen Elizabeth in her capacity as Defender of the Faith accepted: On presentation of the KJV, “these are the lively oracles of God, the life and government of Christian princes, this is the Royal law & the rule of law.”
  • Treaty: A treaty is declared to be the supreme law of the land and is therefore obligatory on courts 1 Cranch, R. 103; 1 Wash

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